Learn More About The Wisdom Tooth Removal Process From Our Glendale Wisdom Tooth Dentists

Written by Dr. McKay on Aug 22, 2023

By the time that we get our permanent teeth, most of us consider our smiles to be complete. However, there are a final few teeth—your third set of molars—that do not emerge until early adulthood. These teeth are more commonly referred to as “wisdom teeth,” and they often come along with some inconvenient problems.

Timely wisdom tooth removal can help you maintain a healthy smile and avoid discomfort and infection. Keep reading to learn more from our Glendale wisdom teeth dentists.

Because your wisdom teeth are located in the back corners of your smile, you likely will not be able to see these teeth as they start to emerge. Additionally, many wisdom teeth come in at odd angles—horizontally or diagonally—because there is not enough room along the patient’s jawline for the teeth to comfortably erupt.

When wisdom teeth are able to emerge normally, our dental team can pull them as we would any other tooth. Often, however, wisdom teeth do not have enough room to come in, and they become impacted in the jawbone tissue. In these cases, our dentist surgically removes the teeth in order to relieve pressure in the back of the patient’s mouth, and protect the patient’s smile from infection.

In our office, we schedule and perform wisdom tooth extraction in such a way as to minimize discomfort and inconvenience. This ensures that you’re always able to speak and eat, so you won’t require a lengthy post-treatment recovery period.

Wisdom tooth removal does not have to be a painful or stressful proposition. Our Glendale wisdom teeth dentists provide care that is designed to fit into your daily life. Give our team a call to learn more or to schedule a personal consultation.