Learn More About What Makes CEREC Crowns So Special

Written by Dr. McKay on Mar 20, 2018

Our Glendale dentists are committed to helping patients get the dental care they need in the most convenient and stress-way possible. One technology that has vastly improved the dental treatment process for many people is CEREC crown technology. Keep reading to learn more about why CEREC is so popular.

CEREC technology enables our dental team to design and mill your restoration right here in our office, rather than relying on an off-site lab for fabrication.

Traditionally, patients receiving dental crowns would need to schedule multiple appointments in order to complete treatment. In the first appointment, your dentist would prep the relevant tooth, and then take a mold of it from which the restoration can be crafted. You would then come back into the office a week or so later to have the finished crown placed.

CEREC technology transforms the crown treatment process; you can come into our office with dental damage, and leave with a restored tooth the same day. In just one appointment, our dental team will prep your tooth, take a mold, and mill your porcelain restoration using the CEREC machine in our office.

What does this mean for you?

  • You’ll get the restorative treatment you need quickly and conveniently
  • You won’t have to bother with wearing an ill-fitting temporary crown in between dental appointments
  • Every aspect of the treatment process is handled by our dental team, so you benefit from continuity of care
  • Our team is able to refine your crown down to the smallest details to ensure a good fit and an attractive appearance

Our Glendale dentists have found that in general, patients vastly prefer CEREC treatment to receiving a traditional crown. The final CEREC crown is a high-quality, permanent restoration that is completely personalized to suit the patient.

Don’t let dental damage persist and fester. Our team is here to help—give us a call!