Learn More About Why Enamel Thins and Becomes Damaged From Our Glendale Dentist

Written by Dr. McKay on Jan 5, 2022

Maintaining strong and healthy enamel is vital to enjoying a healthy smile for years to come. This article from our Glendale dentists is all about the ways that enamel is affected and changed over time. Keep reading to learn more… 

Dental Enamel: The Basics

Your dental enamel is tasked with protecting sensitive tooth layers, like dentin and dental pulp, from irritants as well as bacteria. You’ll notice that healthy dental enamel is usually somewhat shiny, as well as white (though the specific shade varies from person to person). Enamel is non-porous, which means it’s difficult to infiltrate.


One way that healthy enamel becomes thinner and more prone to infection/damage is through tooth-on-tooth contact due to dental grinding/clenching; we call this condition “bruxism.” Some people experience bruxism in times of stress, while others have misaligned bites that result in dental grinding any time, including at night.

Acidic Substances 

You also want to pay attention to whether you’re consuming too many acidic foods and drinks, which put your smile at risk. Anything with a pH level below 4.5 has the potential to soften your dental enamel. Enamel re-mineralizes approximately 30 minutes after acid exposure, so wait at least that long to brush your teeth after eating or drinking.

Bacteria Build-Up

Speaking of acid, the oral bacteria that live in our mouths—in plaque and tartar—produce their own acids as they proliferate. That is why it’s so important to promptly and completely clear away newly developed plaque and tartar. In areas of your smile where bacteria have built-up, you’re more likely to develop thin enamel or spots of infection.

As you can see your enamel has to put up with a lot. Taking some simple, proactive steps to protect healthy enamel can make a big difference over time. If you want to learn more, or to schedule a personal consultation with our Glendale dentists, please feel free to contact our team!