Learn More From Our Glendale Dentists About How Teeth Become Worn Down And What You Can Do About It

Written by Dr. McKay on Oct 16, 2018

Even the most diligent and meticulous dental patients may find that their teeth start to look older and worn down over time. The truth is that many of the things that we do every day, and the foods and drinks that we consume, can take a toll on our smiles.

Our Glendale dentists are here to tell you more about why these changes occur, and what you can do about it.

As you may already know, your dental enamel—the outermost layer of your tooth—is designed to protect the more vulnerable dental layers underneath. Your dental enamel accumulates the most damage over time, due to environmental factors; everything that you eat or drink, for example, comes into contact with your enamel.

There are certain types of substances that can degrade enamel over time. Sugary foods and drinks in particular encourage bacteria production, which weakens enamel. Additionally, acidic substances temporarily soften enamel, and leave your teeth susceptible to developing infections, cracks, and chips.

Patients who suffer from bruxism are also prone to developing dental damage. Bruxism is a term that we use to refer to chronic dental grinding and clenching. The tooth-on-tooth contact that results from bruxism erodes dental enamel, and creates imperceptible weak spots in the dental structure.

In order to minimize your risk of developing premature dental damage, and an older looking smile, you want to seek prompt treatment if you think that you may be dealing with bruxism or existing dental infections. You should also minimize your consumption of sugary and acidic substances; when you do snack or sip on these things, try to rinse your mouth with water right after, as this can help to limit the amount of dental damage that sugars and acids can do.

If you want more information about caring for your smile, and protecting it for the long-term, our Glendale dentists are here to help! Give us a call to speak to a member of our dental team, or use the Contact Us page on our site when you are ready to get started!