Learn Why Jawbone Health Is So Important From Our Glendale Dentist

Written by Dr. McKay on Jan 26, 2015

When it comes to dental health, many patients already know that it is vitally important to protect their teeth from infection and damage. However, fewer patients realize that preserving healthy jawbone tissue is also paramount to achieving oral health. That is why, today, our Glendale dentist office is providing you with an overview of the basics of jawbone health.

Every one of your teeth has a dental root that is embedded in either your lower jawbone or the Maxilla of your skull. Obviously the dental root keeps the tooth securely in place, and allows you to eat and speak easily. However, the tooth root itself also helps to support the health of the jawbone tissue.

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways in which your jaw health can become compromised—thus putting your entire smile at risk.

1. Trauma or accident

Your jaw may become damaged due to accidents—such as car or bike accidents. Additionally, certain contact sports and extreme physical activities can lead to fracture and damage. It is imperative that you wear any necessary protective gear when engaging in these activities.

2. Bruxism

This condition—characterized by chronic dental grinding and clenching—can damage your teeth and your bone tissue over time. Bruxism puts immense pressure on the patient’s enamel and bone tissue. This can make these tissues more prone to minor fractures and deterioration over time.

3. Tooth loss

If you lose a tooth, your jawbone will have a blank space where the tooth root used to be. Unless this root is replaced, by an implant root, for example, this blank space in the jawbone will be a weak spot—prone to bone tissue loss, and to causing your adjacent teeth to destabilize and move.

The bone tissue in which your teeth are embedded provides the foundation for your entire smile. In order to maintain a healthy and attractive smile long-term, you have to care for your jawbone as well. Feel free to contact our Glendale dentists for more information.