Our Glendale Dentist Encourages Patients To Weed Out These Harmful Habits

Written by Dr. McKay on Dec 20, 2022

Even the most diligent dental patients can develop unhealthy habits over time. Today our Glendale dentists are talking about behaviors that can damage oral health. Take a moment to assess your daily routine, and eliminate these harmful habits from your life.

Biting Your Nails

Many people chomp on their nails during times of stress without even realizing it. Not only is this hard on your enamel, but it also introduces new bacteria and contaminants into your mouth, making it harder for you to maintain a clean smile.

Opening Things With Your Teeth

We strongly encourage all of our patients to take the few extra seconds it takes to open packaging with tools—like scissors—rather than with their teeth! So many patients develop cracks and chips in their enamel unnecessarily because they are trying to pry something open with their teeth. It’s just not worth the risk!

Chewing Ice & Hard Candies

Chomping on hard substances, like candies, mints, and ice, can create small cracks and chips in your dental enamel over time. When they first develop, these weak spots may be invisible to the naked eye, however, they often worsen over time. Additionally, cracks and chips tend to accumulate bacteria and stains. 

 Snacking All Day Long

Constant snacking isn’t just harmful to your waistline; it can also damage your smile. Keep in mind that oral bacteria remain active and feeding on oral bacteria for a full twenty to thirty minutes after you finish eating or drinking. If you’re continually consuming food and drink that means the oral bacteria in your mouth never run out of fuel! Try to pre-plan your snack breaks to protect your smile, and give your mouth a quick rinse once you are done. 

Protect the health and appearance of your smile with help from our Glendale family dentists. Together we can help you achieve and maintain a smile that you are proud to show off!