Our Glendale Dentists Use State Of The Art Treatments To Make Teeth Look Younger

Written by Dr. McKay on Nov 6, 2018

If general wear and tear, or discrete dental injuries, have made your smile look older than its years, there are things our Glendale cosmetic dentists can do to help you turn back the clock. Keep reading to learn more about the cosmetic treatments that we use to refresh dull smiles.

There are a few key aesthetic issues that can make a patient’s smile look old and worn down. Refreshing your smile means that we return your teeth, as much as possible, to their earlier states. Generally speaking, young teeth are:

  • Free of damage
  • White and bright
  • Appropriately proportioned, the edges of the dental enamel have not been worn down

Depending on the current state of your smile, our dental team may recommend that you pursue one or some of these treatments:

  • Cosmetic Veneers and LUMINEERS

Using thin porcelain restorations, we resurface and cover the natural dental structure. Because we are able to customize these restorations in shape, size, and color, the final result is exceptionally natural looking.

  • Dental Bonding

Bonding treatment allows our team to cover unsightly enamel, and correct dental damage, with custom-shaded composite resin. The resin begins as a malleable substance; once we cure it, it hardens and bonds to the tooth.

  • Topical Whitening Treatments

Professional whitening treatments are quite effective for removing discoloration and staining. Once the whitening formulation is applied to the tooth, it goes to work lifting color deposits from the tooth structure, helping to restore the patient’s smile to its previous level of whiteness.

  • CEREC Crowns

Repairing damaged teeth is now easier than ever before thanks to CEREC technology. CEREC enables our dentist to design, mill, and place your restoration right here in our office, in just one appointment. CEREC crowns are crafted of high-quality porcelain, so they look just like young, healthy teeth.

No one can stop the flow of time, but, thanks to state-of-the-art dental technology, we can do the next best thing. Get started by contacting our Glendale cosmetic dentists to schedule a personal aesthetic consultation.