Spot Problematic Wisdom Teeth Early With Help From Our Glendale Wisdom Tooth Dentists

Written by Dr. McKay on May 8, 2018

Wisdom teeth: most everyone has them, but few of us actually have room for them in our smiles. Unfortunately, this means that man dental patients develop some unwanted, and sometimes even uncomfortable, complications as their wisdom teeth attempt to come in.

As a patient, you really want to seek treatment for wisdom tooth issues before the teeth have a chance to do too much damage. A thorough evaluation with your dentist can give you a better idea of how your wisdom teeth might emerge, and what type of treatment may be necessary. In the meantime, here is some information from our Glendale wisdom tooth dentists about this common oral health problem:

  • Wisdom teeth are your last teeth to come in: most patients do not get their wisdom teeth until they are in their late teens or early twenties. These third molars grow in behind your molars, in the very back of your jaw.
  • Wisdom teeth take up a lot of room: at some point in our evolutionary history, humans probably needed wisdom teeth, and had larger jaws to accommodate them. Now, however, few of us have enough space along our top and bottom jaws for wisdom teeth to emerge fully.
  • Wisdom teeth often come in irregularly: some people have wisdom teeth that emerge straight up through the gum tissue, just like the patient’s other teeth have emerged. However, it is common for wisdom teeth to come in at odd angles, or even horizontally, creating aesthetic and functional problems for the patient. Wisdom teeth can also become compacted in the bone tissue, and unable to break through at all.

    Our Glendale wisdom tooth dentists will assess your wisdom teeth, and make a recommendation on how they should be treated or extracted. This type of treatment is best pursued in a timely fashion, as wisdom teeth that are left too long can easily become infected and damaged. Give us a call to get started!