Transform Your Smile Using Fast and Easy Snap on Smile

Written by Dr. McKay on Feb 4, 2015

Our Glendale cosmetic dentists understand that all of our dental patients are individuals with unique needs. That is exactly why we make such an effort to provide cosmetic treatments to suit a wide variety of patients.

Some people are simply looking for a short-term cosmetic solution that can deliver gorgeous results quickly. For these people, Snap on Smile is often an ideal treatment solution. Here’s why…

1. Snap on Smile is one of the few cosmetic treatment options that does not alter your natural teeth at all. Because Snap on Smile is a stand-alone dental appliance, it goes over your existing smile and visually covers your natural teeth. However, Snap on Smile does not change your real dental enamel, so your whole, healthy smile stays intact underneath.

2. Because Snap on Smile covers all of your teeth, you can completely transform the appearance of your teeth with this one dental solution. Misaligned teeth? Damaged dental enamel? Uneven spacing? All of this can be effectively addressed with Snap on Smile!

3. Snap on Smile is also an ideal short-term cosmetic solution because it is generally more affordable than other cosmetic options. This can be a great way to get the visual results you want without investing a ton of time and money into treatment. 

The Snap on Smile dental appliance requires minimal maintenance, and with proper care it can last for several years. So give our Glendale cosmetic dentist office a call if you want to learn more about this exciting treatment option; schedule your consultation; or simply get an answer to a nagging question.