What Cosmetic Treatment Is Right For You? Get Info From Our Glendale Dentist

Written by Dr. McKay on Jan 26, 2015

Matching a cosmetic dentistry treatment to a specific patient is a very important and detail-oriented process. In order to make this match our dental team considers:

· The person’s desired aesthetic results

· The patient’s ideal timeline—is the person trying to achieve results before a special event, like a wedding or reunion?

· The patient’s budget

Our Glendale cosmetic dentists have the experience and training necessary to help you make this important decision. Today we are going to give you a brief overview of some very popular cosmetic treatments, so that you can start getting an idea of what type of aesthetic dentistry you desire.

Professional dental whitening: this treatment lightens dental enamel with bleaching formulas that are applied to the teeth. You can lighten and brighten you smile in only one or two appointments, and quite affordably.

Dental veneers/Lumineers: these are porcelain aesthetic restorations, which means that our team actually attaches veneers and Lumineers directly to a patient’s teeth. Veneers and Lumineers can whiten a patient’s smile, cover dental damage, make teeth appear better aligned, and more.

Invisalign orthodontic treatment: straighten your natural teeth with these clear aligners. Our dental team can improve dental alignment and close gaps between teeth using Invisalign.

Dental bonding: this is another quick and effective cosmetic option. By resurfacing the dental enamel with custom-shaded dental resin, our dental team can improve the appearance of your smile. Our dentist uses resin to repair dental cracks and chips, cover discolored dental enamel, and even build up teeth slightly, so that they appear better aligned and balanced.

Depending on the current state of your smile, you might find that one, or multiple of these treatments suit your needs. Our Glendale cosmetic dentist office is happy to explain all of your cosmetic options and help you make the best decision for you. Give us a call!