Why Choose CEREC Crowns From Our Glendale Dentist?

Written by Dr. McKay on Apr 7, 2015

If you were in need of a dental restoration, what type of dental crown would you choose? Our Glendale dentist office has found that CEREC crown, specifically, provide exceptional results in a short period of time. Keep reading to get a better idea of how CEREC crowns work.

A dental crown of any kind is designed to replace a missing part of your tooth, thereby restoring your tooth’s appearance and functionality. You may need a dental crown because you experienced a severe dental infection, or because your tooth was damaged in an accident.

When you choose a traditional crown to restores your smile, you have to wait for multiple dental appointments in order to see results. Your dentist will take an impression of your tooth in his or her office, and then send that impression to a lab, which will craft your final crown. Then, when the crown is ready, you’ll come back to have it fitted and permanently adhered toy our tooth. While you wait for your crown to be finished, you will wear a, more generic, temporary crown.

CEREC technology streamlines this process, and provides the patient with immediate results. Utilize CEREC technology our Glendale dentist is able to mill, fit, and attach your permanent crown in just one appointment—all in our Glendale office.

Our dental team will take an impression of your affected tooth. We then provide the CEREC fabrication machine with the specific dimensions of your impression. The machine mills your personalized CEREC crown out of block of porcelain. We then test, refine, and, finally, place your crown.

The entire process is completed in just one appointment—you don’t even have to worry about walking around with a temporary crown between visits.

Dental patients of many ages are loving the versatility, ease, and convenience of CEREC crowns. Call our Glendale dentist office to learn more!