Why Choose Invisalign? Our Glendale Invisalign Dentists Explain

Written by Dr. McKay on Sep 22, 2015

You’re ready to perfect your smile. That’s great! Now what?

Well, if you are interested in realigning your teeth, you might want to learn more about Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Our Glendale cosmetic dentists have found that patients of all ages enjoy beautiful results using Invisalign aligners.

If you want to learn more about how Invisalign can help you, keep reading!

The Basics

Invisalign uses aligners—rather than metal brackets and aligners—in order to move a patient’s natural teeth. These aligners are made of clear plastic, and they are customized to fit your smile.

The Invisalign treatment process actually involves the patient wearing a series of aligners over several months—each aligner moves your smile a little more.

The Benefits

First of all, Invisalign aligners allow your real smile to shine through as you go through treatment. Because they are clear, Invisalign aligners do not mar your smile with metal, like traditional braces do.

Second of all, Invisalign aligners are simple to care for, and they make it easy for you to take care of your smile as well. Invisalign aligners are not bonded to your smile—you can take them out to clean your smile and to eat. That means that you will be able to brush and floss just like you do now!

Next, Invisalign aligners are personalized to fit each patient’s smile. This means that it is easy and natural to speak with your aligners in. Most patients go through a brief adjustment period in the days after they begin wearing aligners. After this adjustment period, you’ll find that Invisalign aligners are easy to live with!

If you want to find out whether Invisalign aligners might work for you, our Glendale Invisalign dentists can help you out. Just call our office to get started by scheduling cosmetic consultation with our helpful team.