Why Do So Many Patients Choose CEREC Crowns? Our Glendale Dentist Explains

Written by Dr. McKay on Jun 4, 2024

Our Glendale dentists are continually updating our practice with the latest dental technologies and treatments, so that we can provide our patients with the state-of-the-art care that they need. One restorative treatment that has made a big difference for patients of all ages is CEREC. Keep reading to learn more.

CEREC crowns are high-quality, customized crowns that are crafted and placed in just one day. CEREC stands for “Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic.” Basically, CEREC allows our team to create your restoration while you’re being prepped in the dentist’s chair. We then refine and place the crown in the same appointment.

CEREC crowns are milled from high-quality ceramic, and every restoration is custom-shaded to suit the patient’s needs. Once the restoration is complete, our team will dry-fit it to your tooth, and make any tweaks necessary to ensure a good fit. When everything is perfect, we permanently bond the restoration to the relevant tooth.

CEREC allows you to come into our office with dental damage, and leave that same day with a totally restored tooth. You don’t have to bother with an ill-fitting or uncomfortable temporary crown, and you do not need to schedule multiple appointments in order to achieve full results.

There are a number of oral health problems that may ultimately require a dental crown in order to help the patient achieve a healthy smile. If, for example, your tooth is cracked or chipped in an accident, a CEREC crown can rebuild the missing tooth portion. Teeth that are damaged due to cavities may also need to be treated with dental crowns in order to maintain the healthy remaining tooth structure.

If you want to learn more about restorative dentistry, in general, or CEREC crowns, specifically, our Glendale CEREC dentists are here to help you! Give us a call to get started!