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As we age, it is inevitable that our teeth age along with us, at least to a certain extent. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with and older, worn-looking smile; our Glendale cosmetic dentists offer a number of treatment options that can refresh your teeth, and make your whole smile look younger.

There are a few key culprits that can make your smile look older than you want it to:

  • Stained or dark dental enamel
  • Tooth damage, like cracks, chips, or uneven tooth edges
  • Thin dental enamel
  • Eroded bite surfaces, which leave your teeth looking blunt or short

Depending on the type of aesthetic problem you’re dealing with, you may benefit from one or a few of these cosmetic treatments:

  • Professional dental whitening to minimize existing stains and discoloration on your teeth.
  • Dental bonding, which is used to resurface unsightly enamel, repair cracked or chipped teeth, and even close gaps in your smile.
  • Porcelain veneers, which are individually crafted aesthetic restorations that are permanently bonded to the patient’s natural tooth structure. Once your veneers in place, it completely covers the existing tooth. And, because every veneer is custom shaped, sized, and shaded to fit the patient’s needs, these restorations deliver exceptionally natural looking results.

Some patients find that they are able to meet their aesthetic and functional dental goals by using only one treatment, or treating only select teeth. Other people choose to combine treatment options or complete full smile makeovers. When you come in for your consultation with our Glendale cosmetic dentists, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of what your treatment plan and timeline might look like.

The best way to get started is to call our office to speak to a member of our team, or to use the Contact Us page on our site to submit an inquiry. We look forward to speaking with you!






Even the most diligent and meticulous dental patients may find that their teeth start to look older and worn down over time. The truth is that many of the things that we do every day, and the foods and drinks that we consume, can take a toll on our smiles.

Our Glendale dentists are here to tell you more about why these changes occur, and what you can do about it.

As you may already know, your dental enamel—the outermost layer of your tooth—is designed to protect the more vulnerable dental layers underneath. Your dental enamel accumulates the most damage over time, due to environmental factors; everything that you eat or drink, for example, comes into contact with your enamel.

There are certain types of substances that can degrade enamel over time. Sugary foods and drinks in particular encourage bacteria production, which weakens enamel. Additionally, acidic substances temporarily soften enamel, and leave your teeth susceptible to developing infections, cracks, and chips.

Patients who suffer from bruxism are also prone to developing dental damage. Bruxism is a term that we use to refer to chronic dental grinding and clenching. The tooth-on-tooth contact that results from bruxism erodes dental enamel, and creates imperceptible weak spots in the dental structure.

In order to minimize your risk of developing premature dental damage, and an older looking smile, you want to seek prompt treatment if you think that you may be dealing with bruxism or existing dental infections. You should also minimize your consumption of sugary and acidic substances; when you do snack or sip on these things, try to rinse your mouth with water right after, as this can help to limit the amount of dental damage that sugars and acids can do.

If you want more information about caring for your smile, and protecting it for the long-term, our Glendale dentists are here to help! Give us a call to speak to a member of our dental team, or use the Contact Us page on our site when you are ready to get started!



As people become more and more busy, it becomes increasingly imperative that our Glendale dentists offer treatment options that fit into our patients’ busy lives. That is why we make it a priority to offer cosmetic and restorative treatments that can be completed quickly—oftentimes in just one day! In today’s short article we are going to be giving you more information about some of these dental options. Let’s get started!

Dental bonding

This treatment allows our team to build up teeth, repair cracked or chipped enamel, and even close gaps between teeth using dental resin. The resin that we use is custom-shaded to match your existing dental shade. We then apply it to your natural tooth, and cure the resin so that it hardens and forms a strong bond with your tooth. This entire process takes just one appointment to complete, and delivers attractive and long-lasting results.

CEREC crowns

Traditionally, patients needed to schedule multiple appointments in order to receive dental crowns. CEREC technology, however, now allows our team to craft your personalized crown right here in our dental office. This means that you can come in with existing damage, and leave the same day with a customized, permanent restoration in place—these are not temporary crowns!

Professional Dental Whitening

Tooth whitening treatments erase stains and discoloration, helping to restore your smile to its natural level of whiteness. Most patients see results after just one whitening session. However, keep in mind that we can repeat tooth whitening over a period of time if you want to intensify your results.

As you can see, you don’t necessarily have to devote a lot of time to dental care in order to transform your smile. Our Glendale dentists are happy to give you any additional information you may need about all of your treatment options, including those that deliver results quickly. Give us a call to get started!